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skolehave-skovHaver til Maver

Haver til Maver is an educational concept developed to give Danish children a good understanding of where food is coming from. Children aged 9 to 12 spend 8 school days in their local school yard from April to October. Here, they learn about the natural cycle, photosynthesis, edible gardens, cooking and healthy eating.

Children sow, grow, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables in one of the 40 local school yards in Denmark. Afterwards they cook their vegetables in the outdoor kitchen and turn their vegetables into a healthy and tasteful meal.


MIT kokkeri

‘MIT kokkeri’ is a universe of cooking developed to let the children rule the kitchen and do the cooking. Children aged 10 to 15 take part in MIT kokkeri during school hours as well as at home.

School children are given a cookbook with good and popular recipes.The concept is meant as an inspiration to all children. It is a useful tool if you want the children take charge in the kitchen. So far 300.000 children has received the book.

Visit us at MIT kokkeri